Fort Myers Beach Film Festival Films

Wednesday, April 22
3:00 PM
Heroes: Behind the Badge The white house Overture
Typisch Lang Lang
6:00 PMBeyond the BlueAnatomy Of "Anatomy"
7:30 PMShort Package #1
8:00 PMLocal Films
Thursday, April 23
3:00 PMStage Four: A Love StoryYou Belong To Me
My Last Breath Ayikodans Rise
6:00 PMStudent FilmsThe Unearthing (Student Film)
7:30 PMAirtight
8:30 PMWild Like
0.875Omo Child: The River and the Bush
Friday, April 24
3:00 PMShort Package #2 One Ocean: No Limits
The Great American Coastline
6:00 PMGone South: How Canada Invented HollywoodTuff Luck
8:30 PMBlessidShort Package #3
Saturday, April 25
3:00 PMFamily Films Bubbe & Zeyde
4:30 PMIsland Nurse
6:00 PMThe Record ManWriter's Cramp
8:30 PMWaiting in the Wings: The MusicalDo You Think I'm Pretty?
Sunday, April 26
3:00 PMBeach Elementary Student Films Heroes: Behind the Badge
6:00 PMPeople's Choice Award winnerBest Feature winner
Student FilmsThe Suburbs Go On ForeverFamily Films
After SchoolAlike
The SchoolboyPowerful Medicine: Sim
Banana TripScout's Honor
A Blind ManThe Tricycle
At That Bus StopSail On, Little Whee
PossiblyHome Cooking
Whatever You WantUbe
A Jingle A Go-Go: The MusicalAfter School
Hop Skotch the Funk Dumpling
Shorts Package #1FoundationInto The Dark
Alone in the DarkLean
Diary of a TerroristThis was my son (Emmett Till)
The Greater GoodOpen Spaces
Shorts Package #2 Happy New Year, Mr. KatesDoug's Christmas
Pardon The IntrusionAmerican Falls
The WalkA Spring has Passed
Shorts Package #3WithinMy Déjà vu
Falling to PiecesThere All Along
If I Tell YouParty Foul
Motel ProvidenceHappy Town The Surf Sun
A Companion for All Occassions
Local FilmsNaples, FL REDEFINING PARADISEMonster
CastingBass on the Road 2
Back to NatureSleepers Awake