Fort Myers Beach Film Festival Films

  Theater 3 Theater 1
3:00 PMAmargosaImmunity
(Star Achievement Award winner Rena Sofer will lead a 30 minute Q&A after the film)
5:00 PMThe Natural: The Best There Ever Was
5:30 PMShorts Package #1
7:00 PMThe Descending 1 hr
7:30 PMLocal Films
9:00 PMJane and the House of Miracles
3:00 PMPI BluesRestoring Tomorrow
6:00 PMShorts Package #2The Show Must Go On: An Intimate Portrait of the Flying Wallendas With Special Guests Tino and Alex Wallenda
8:00 PMVillage of DreamsKing's Gambit
The More Things Change
3:00 PMShorts Package #3Hungry Hearts
5:00 PMShorts Package #4
6:00 PMConversations with Alan Ladd, Jr.: It's Always About the Story 
6:30 PMStudent Films
8:00 PMExit ThreadBachelorman
3:00 PMShorts Package #4Tough Ain't Enough: Conversations with Albert S. Ruddy
Conversations with Alan Ladd, Jr.: It's Always About the Story 
4:30 pmShorts Package #5
6:00 PMIs That A Gun In Your Pocket?...
7:00 PMRoute 30, Too
8:30 PMNow More Than Ever: The History of Chicago
9:00 PMThe Dark Tapes
3:00 PMBeach Elementary Student Films
5:00 PMPeople's Choice Award winnerBest Feature winner
Student FilmsFrontman
Coming to Terms
Shorts Package #1the last sessionShorts Package #3
This Modern Man is Beat57 Days
Care Until Cure: A Second Chance At Alzheimer's
Shorts Package #2Clock Runs on TimeShorts Package #4
Bonnie Pureheart and the Golden GhostMother's Day
Bob & Inge
Shorts Package #5One Smart Fellow
Local FilmsThe Bright Side
Happy Family
The Hanging Millstone